Photo Story

Sun Star Flower

It was morning. The little girl was running through green grass. Suddenly, she stopped. Something caught her attention and she sat down. In front of her face was a big flower with orange petals shinning in the Sun light.

”What a beautiful flower!” – she said. “I wonder who made it so?”
“Mother Nature.” – a voice answered her question. It was her mother who had just finished picking herbs, such as chamomile, lavender and marigold.
“I want to take it home with me.” – said the little girl excited.
“But if you take it with you, it will die. Its place is here, in the middle of nature” – said her mother.
“But I like it so much. I don’t want it to die.”
“It’s ok. It won’t. But we can come here everyday to see this flower. In this way you don’t have to pick it up.” – calmed her mother.
So, they went home, happy together, and then came each day to see the Sun Star Flower.

5 thoughts on “Sun Star Flower

  1. The sun star flower really looks nice! I wish i can get one someday. I like the story. I think my mom would have said the exactly same thing if i wanted to pick up the flower!! >u<

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