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International Worker’s Day

It’s been a while since I wrote on the blog, so I thought to publish a few photos from 1st May.
I went with my family at our garden, where we spent time outdoor and we made some grill. Also, it was a perfect occasion to take photos in the middle of nature, so here they are:
This is a very small blue flower. So cute and gentle; I couldn’t find what plant it is so if you have any suggestions about the name of this plant, feel free to leave a comment.

I found this article on the Internet and this plant is called Persian Speedwell (Veronica persica).

Floare de gutui Quince FlowerCommon Quince Flower

Beautiful quince flower: fresh and perfumed. I love that spring note of innocence and purity. I wait Autumn to taste the delicious fruits of this tree.

Chelidonium majus or rostopasca in romanian language

This is called tetterwort or greater celandine (Chelidonium majus), which is used in alternative medicine for its analgesic, antimicrobial, oncostatic and central nervous system sedative effects.  The aerial parts and roots of greater celandine are used in herbalism. The above-ground parts are gathered during the flowering season and dried at high temperatures. The root is harvested in autumn between August and October and dried. It’s important to specify that the sap contains a yellow to orange latex, which is toxic, but the plant can still be used in moderate doses.

sweet strawberry

We also ate some strawberries bought by my aunt. They were not so tasty and delicious like the ones from a garden, but they were good.
Below are some photos taken in the garden and I have to mention that there was no snail, only its shell. 😀
chelidonium baby plantJust the shell, without the snailSnail Shell without the snail
What you did on 1st May? Did you spent your time with friends or family?

2 thoughts on “International Worker’s Day

  1. Persian Speedwell 😀 Sounds nice! Really curious how it’s called in romanian :)) I also didn’t knew the name of these flowers.
    Nice shots! And what yummy strawberries! ❤

    1. I have no idea what’s the name in Romanian, but maybe this will be a subject for a next article. Those strawberries were not as sweet as those from my childhood.

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