Full Moon Rosalia Festival

This Monday we celebrate Pentecost or Rosalia (in latin). Beyond the religious significance, Rosalia has multiple meanings for Romanians. In our culture, Iele are feminine mythical creatures. They are described as fairies, with great seductive powers over men, with magic skills and attributes similar to Ancient Greek Nymphs. They are said to live in the sky, in forests, in caves, on isolated mountain cliffs and reported to have been seen bathing in the springs or at crossroads.

mugwort artemisia potion against iele
Mugwort Potion

They mostly appear at night by moonlight, as dancing Horas, in selected areas such as glades, rivers sides, crossroads or abandoned fireplaces. The effect of their specific dance, the Hora, is similar to the dances of the Bacchantes. They are not generally considered evil: they resort to revenge only when they are provoked, offended, seen while they dance or when people drink from springs or wells used by them.

This Morning is more special, because we have Full Moon, which amplifies the energy of every magical creature. The limit between living and dead will be over for a night.

mugwort artemisia vulgaris absinthum
Mugwort (Artemisia)

People also discovered cures against Iele, either preventive or exorcistic in nature: garlic and mugwort worn around the waist, in the bosom, or hung from the hat.

Are you prepared for tonight?

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