Software Giveaway – Nely Cab Twitter Feed

I decided to post more details about the Windows application that allows you to stay in touch on news related to Nely Cab, the author of Creatura. I remember you that you can win this program by leaving a comment on this post. There you can find an awesome interview too.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

It’s so easy to install this application. You have to run the setup file and follow the instructions from the wizard.

After the installation completes, the program will be launched.

Learn the Basics

This is how it looks. It is a small window that appears in your bottom-right corner of your screen. Here you can see the recent activity of Nely Cab on Twitter and also the number of followers and following.





If you press the More info button, a dialog box will appear showing you the location and description of Nely Cab (from her Twitter account, of course).

Another cool feature of this application is that every time when Nely posts something on Twitter, a pop-up message appears notifying you the news.

Configure the Application

When you press the X button from the main application you didn’t close actually the program. You hid it in the tray bar.

To actually close or show again the program you have to find the tray icon and right click on it to open a quick menu.




Click Show Application to display the main window.

To quit program click Exit Application.

As default, the program opens itself along with the Windows. You can change that by unchecking the Run on Windows Startup feature.

Also, you can find Nely Cab and me on different social networks using the Visit items.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and that I convinced you to participate in this giveaway.

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