Photo Story

Water and Ice – A Short Story

Water and Ice Photography by Adrian Lupsa

It was afternoon, and it was raining. Geraldine was sitting alone on a bench, in front of the highschool. She felt content and safe in the rain. She had always been a freak for others because she was different… peculiar, even. But when she was surrounded by water, her fears disappeared. She tossed her purple hair aside with a wave of her hand, while curiously watching a boy walking towards her. He was tall and fit, with black hair. His name was Thomas and she liked him. He had never treated her differently. He was a lot like her — peculiar. She stood up from the bench and rushed to greet him. Her body converted into a small mass of swirling flood waters, flowing down the walkway and towards the boy. He observed her from far and grinned as if taking note of some private joke.

“Are you enjoying the weather?” he asked.

“You know it! When it rains I feel safe and energized.”, the girl answered him.

“And if it snowed, what would you do?”

He didn’t expect an answer, nor did she give her a chance to reply. He spread his hand towards the sky. The rain became soft flakes of snow before of their eyes. This is who they were. This is what they did. They were Magi. Geraldine had a great watery body and she could mold water in her surroundings, while Thomas could freeze practically anything.

“This trick is really old and boring!” she said jumping into his arms.

He pressed his lips gently to hers and smiled.

“I know that, but this is the way I know how to show you how much I love you! ”

Adrian Lupsa

I wrote this on a rainy day (a few days ago) when I got bored. It took me about five minutes. So, what do you think?

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