My Own Zoological Garden

Today I’m presenting you all my pets. Someone could say that I have a little zoological garden here, but I don’t care. My first pet was a female zebra finch and its name is Linda. After a few months, my mom and my sister thought that it will be nice if we buy a partner for her. So I remember it was close to Christmas when Paco came into our house.

After a couple of months they made eggs that hatched and two little birds were born, a boy and a girl, Albert and Flori. I don’t have any photos with them as they are very shy towards the camera.
The next pet that I’ve got is a cute dog that all my family loves it (it’s a girl).
The name is Dee-Dee.

And on the other hand I have two rodents: a dwarf rabbit and a roborovski hamster. The rabbit’s name is Puci Pu and the hamster’s name is Little Will.

white dwarf rabbit

little hamster

Do you have any pets? How do you find the process of taking care of them? Is it a pleasure or an obligation?

6 thoughts on “My Own Zoological Garden

  1. I used to have a Australian/German Shepard mix. She was female and very loyal dog. I named her Samantha. We called her Sam. I had Finches and hamsters when I was a child.

    Thanks for sharing this Adrian with Us. 🙂

    Chef Randall

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