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Three Amazing Items at Only $0.25

Hi there!
I just returned from a short shopping session and I found this great items. And they were on discount or something and the price was only $0.25.

Egg Separator

Or at least I think this is it. The label says that it’s a sort of knife, but I can’t imagine how I would use that as a knife… weird. Until I figure it out, I will consider this a cool egg separator.

Ice Cream Spoon

I love ice cream and we already have a better ice cream spoon, but this is useful and cheap. And can be a wonderful gift for a loved one.

Cloth Brush

red soft cloth brush photography by adrian lupsaWith so many animals here: rabbit, dog, hamster… It’s so hard for me to maintain my clothes hair-free, so this is an excellent gadget. I adore it.

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