Lady Gaga shocked the Romanians

The eccentric artist Lady Gaga arrived in Romania this morning. Her arrival has already created many divided opinions among Romanians. Her fans, usually formed by young people and teenagers, don’t know how to get in touch with her. Immediately after the star emerged from her bus, she gave autographs and posed with fans, then entered the hotel. Of course there was a little incident, too. One of the paparazzi tried to take pictures under the skirt of the artist, but her bodyguard became angry and hit him, taking his camera.

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On the other hand,older people who are more conservative, are disgusted by the coming of the singer in their country. They just can’t understand her music and fashion style. They are even more frustrated, because on every news channel you see something about her. Lady Gaga is going to sing tomorrow at Piaţa Constituţiei, Bucharest.

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I really appreciate  her music and style. Maybe some of her outfits are exaggerated, but you know… one is GaGa. I definitely prefer her, rather than Madonna, who is just an old lady who doesn’t want to retire.

Click here to watch Lady Gaga’s First Appearance in Romania

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