In My Mailbox – Phillip Ellis poetry chapbook

phillip ellis book

Today I found in my mailbox an envelope that I waited for a long time and I thought it will never arrive. It came from Australia from poet Phillip Ellis that was kind enough to send a signed print copy of Symptoms Positive and Negative  to ten lucky readers. I think I participated a month ago in the giveaway on Juniper Grove blog and I won.

About the Author

Phillip A. Ellis is a freelance critic, poet and scholar, and his poetry collection, The Flayed Man, has been published by Gothic Press; Gothic Press will also edit a collection of essays on Ramsey Campbell, that he is editing with Gary William Crawford. He is working on another collection, to appear through Diminuendo Press. Another collection has been accepted by Hippocampus Press, which has also published his concordance to the poetry of Donald Wandrei. He is the editor of Melaleuca. He has recently had Symptoms Positive and Negative, a chapbook of poetry about his experiences with schizophrenia, published by Picaro Press.

About the Book

Symptoms Positive and Negative is a chapbook of poetry about aspects of life experienced by those with schizophrenia. Arising out of the author’s personal experiences, it consists of twenty-four sonnets addressing of the primary symptoms of schizophrenia.

Thank you Phillip for this wonderful giveaway!

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