My Birthday Cake

Hi everyone! As you probably know, today is my birthday and I wanted to share with you my birthday cake. A thin layer of cereals covered on top with two different yogurt creams: one with apricots and another with strawberries. It is really easy to do and is perfect for a hot summer day. Despite of all comments I have been received it was really appreciated here.

birthday cake

I decided to add fancy whipped cream tufts (even I did not want in the beginning) and the result was really elegant and simple. I will post the recipe soon (I guess), because I need more time to split it in two parts:

  1. Recipe for the cereal layer
  2. Recipe for the yogurt cream

birthday cake

I hope you enjoyed. Have a nice day!

8 thoughts on “My Birthday Cake

    1. I probably forgot to add the links. The cereal layer is actually the homemade muesli and in this moment I can’t find the yogurt cream recipe, but I’ll figure it out soon. Thanks for telling me!

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