5 Benefits Of

5 Benefits Of Apricot

The apricot (Prunus armeniaca) was known in Armenia during ancient times and has been cultivated there for so long, it is so often thought to have originated there. However, the Vavilov center of origin locates the origin of the apricot’s domestication in the Chinese region, and other sources say the apricot was first cultivated in India in about 3000 BC.

apricot fruit benefits

1. Aids in Constipation

Apricots are rich in fiber and hence are good for smooth bowel movements. It is often recommended to patients who are regularly suffering from constipation due to its laxative natures.

2. Skin disorders

Apricot oil is good for skin care. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and does not keep the skin oily when applied.

Apricot Face Mask for Dry Skin: 2 apricots, smashed and peeled mixed with 3 tablespoons yogurt. Apply on your face for 20 minutes and then clean yourself with warm water.

3. Cancer Prevention

apricot kernelThe seeds of apricot are believed to aid in treating cancer. Collect the seeds and let them dry on the sun light. With an adze or hammer break the seeds and enjoy the kernel. 
Note! Almonds can be easily replaced by apricot kernels.

4. Regulates the body temperature

Apricot juice is often given to patients suffering from fever as it provides necessary vitamins, minerals, calories and water to the body. It also detoxifies the body.

5. Helps in treating anemia

Owing to the presence of iron and copper, apricot, when consumed helps in the formation of hemoglobin.

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