My Debut Novel: Cover Reveal + Synopsis

Hi everyone!
Finally, after so much time, I have an official release date for my debut novel. The book will be available in Kindle Store from 31st October 2012. I know that a lot of authors announce their books a few months or even years before, but for me everything is like a game. I still don’t realize that I’m going to publish a book. Here is the cover and the synopsis and I would really love to hear your opinion. I want to thank my friend, Simona Husaru, for making such a beautiful cover art.

Necessary Evil – Synopsis

debut novel necessary evilAt almost eighteen years, Christine considers herself an adult, a grown woman, with her own principles and ideas about life, ready for every challenge that she would have to face. Or at least this is what she thinks. When her parents go on a business trip, Christine decides to invite the most handsome boy in school in her house. After a party with her friends, strange things start happening in the Taylor’s house. The girl tries to find out what is going on and in the same time wants to have a normal life along with her friends. Christine discovers a connection between the silhouettes inside her house and the dreams she has lately, but will she be able to regain peace knowing that she must release a greater evil?

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