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Saint Nicholas’ Special Tea

Hi everyone! Did Saint Nicholas bring you something today? I hope you all received something, but if you didn’t I have a great tip to cheer you up. Because it is so cold outside I propose you a special tea to enjoy it when you are watching TV or just having a relaxation moment. So here is the recipe:

Saint Nicholas Herbs

Fructus Rosa Canina (dog rose fruits)
Fructus Crataegus (thornapple fruits)
Hibiscus Flowers (optional)
Lemon Balm Leaves
Rum Essence

How it’s Made?
1. Add boiled water over the plants.
2. Wait 8-10 minutes and filter the content.
3. Add sugar and essence.
4. Enjoy your special Saint Nicholas Tea.

Saint Nicholas Tea

4 thoughts on “Saint Nicholas’ Special Tea

  1. Wow. Lovely! I am a tea-person and I always love to taste different kinds of tea. This one looks interesting and in season. I’m afraid I live in a tropical country where some of your ingredients do not exist, so please make me a cup instead! 🙂

    1. I understand that. I’m going to think at a new recipe that is still in the season, but it contains more common ingredients. Until that I’ll prepare a cup for you! 🙂

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