The Shadow Tour Giveaway Winners

the shadow tour necessary evil by adrian lupsa

UPDATE! Because I haven’t received (within 48 hours) the mail address from two of the participants I chose another two winners for the swag items. The first three persons who won the e-book copies, please don’t panic they are on your way. I am quite busy those days with my exams. Thank you for understanding.

necessary evil giveaway winners update

The Shadow Tour is over. There were two amazing weeks during which you could find more about me and my debut novel, Necessary Evil. In all this time I received some reviews and I just want to thank all the persons who involved themselves in The Shadow Tour and dedicated a part of their time to read my book. Also, I appreciate the “bad” reviews (I don’t consider the 3 star rating to be a bad review), because I realize now that I have to give more details in my further books and try to make myself more understood. The great news for everyone is that now I have a little more experience and I’m sure my next writing project will be even better than Necessary Evil.

As I already said, The Shadow Tour is over and the International Giveaway, too. I experienced some problems with Rafflecopter, so this is the reason why I chose the winners so late. Not exactly true, because I manually checked the entries, because some of you (you know who) tried to cheat. I have to say (profoundly disappointed) that those persons were disqualified. The first three winners are chosen by the total number of points and the others using Thank you all for the participation and congratulations to the winners!the shadow tour winners

P.S.: Don’t panic if you haven’t received your prize yet. I’m going to send it as soon as I can.

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