Baby Avocado Tree

In August 2012, I was publishing an article about how to grow your own avocado tree. Well, now I’m coming with news regarding this subject. The seed germinated several months ago, but unfortunately a terrible accident happened and the small tree fell from the window and broke. After this incident I waited another few months until now. I am really excited about the results, but I know that I still have to wait a lot of years until I pick some avocado fruits. 🙂

avocado tree

Did you try to cultivate an avocado or another tree using seeds from fruits purchased at the market?

2 thoughts on “Baby Avocado Tree

  1. Hi. I have tried to grow avacado several times and made it to the root/shoot stage but never beyond. However, I once visited a home where the avacado had been grown from a seed, and the plant was trailing around three walls of a room about 12 feet by 12 feet. It was fantastic! I remember there were lots of windows in the room, like a greenhouse. Jane

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing your experience. Now the avocado tree seems bigger than the last week. Yey! Hope I will be able to grab fruits some day!

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