It’s a Really Sad Day

Today I was supposed to have a really active day: to organize some stuff and prepare something for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t know that life already prepared me something. When I woke up I started to feed the birds (as usual) and also the rabbit and the hamster. I thought it was sleeping, but I realized that I have seen it in the same position yesterday. When I approached it, I realized that Little Will was dead. Even if it was my sister’s pet and I did not have a really active interaction with it, this cute hamster was the most quietly of all the animals that we possess. Unfortunately, his death is a mystery and his case remains unsolved.

Hamster Drinking Water

I do have some photos with him into the coffin, but I don’t find it appropriate to publish them on the Internet. Now we have to remember Little Will as it was, a very active hamster, full of joy and really friendly.

little hamster

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15 thoughts on “It’s a Really Sad Day

    1. We are okay. Thank you for your support! We are trying to accommodate with the idea that he is gone, because we don’t actually know the reason behind his death and this is the most intriguing thing of this story.

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