Fear the Witch or the Postman?

I participated a month ago in a giveaway on Juniper Grove Blog and I won a limited edition of Fear the Witch by Christian Spencer Lees. Everything seemed fine and I really enjoyed his gift, but my heart stood still when I observed a small package containing some kind of herbs. On the package it was written SAGE and I could confirm that, due to my herbalism knowledge. I am so glad that the post officer didn’t see the herbs, because I imagine what could happen. I have a picture in my mind with some police officers searching my house for drugs or something. LOL. Is it legal to send herbs by mail? I don’t know the answer. Leaving this behind, I found the idea of the herbs really original and related to the book, but… it could bring some big troubles to me. I’m not going to participate in giveaways for a few period, but I will not give up on organizing them. 🙂

Fear the Witch

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