5 Benefits Of

5 Benefits of Potatoes

potato health benefits

1. Gain Weight

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and are low in protein. This makes it an ideal diet for those who are thin and want to increase body weight.

2. Skin care

Vitamin-C, B-complex and minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc are good source for the skin care. Crushed raw potatoes, mixed with honey, can be applied as a poultice in clearing the wrinkles and other skin blemishes due to aging.

3. Brain function

Proper brain function depends on oxygen supply, glucose level, magnesium, some members of the vitamin B complex and some hormones. Potatoes meet almost all the needs mentioned above.

4. Relieve inflammation

Nutrients contained in potatoes like vitamin C, vitamin B and potassium are a good source to relieve inflammation, both internal and external.

5. Anticancer Properties

Potato skin contains an anti-carcinogenic compound called chlorogenic acid. This particular acid helps the fiber in potatoes to absorb carcinogens that are found in grilled foods. Eating potatoes with grilled foods is common and important when preserving health and fighting off cancer-causing substances.

Eat only boiled potatoes, because french fries are not healthy. At high temperatures the starch is transformed into acrylamide, a substance that, in time, can produce cancer.

2 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Potatoes

  1. Thanks for the info Adrian. I didn’t know that about the fries. I am going to Google it to read more about it, the acrylamide.
    Thanks again for sharing!! 🙂

    Chef randall

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