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Linda — A Gift from Heaven

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I know that today I was supposed to post in the 5 Benefits of… column, but in this moment I can’t think at that. I really want that alchemist’s stone. I really need it now. I think that death made a habit to take all my lovely pets. Today, my zebra finch — Linda — has passed away and the worse thing in this story is that I don’t know what happened. She seemed healthy and was happy near her husband, Paco. I don’t really understand what happened…

I remember that I was in twelfth grade when I visited a pet shop and I observed some small birds. I was really interested and I asked the owner about those cute birds. On August 3th, 2009 I brought Linda into my house and since then she changed my life. There are so many moments and I can remember only a few of them. For example, when we were entering through the door she was starting to sing or in the mid summer she was having a bath in her tub. 🙂 In December 2009 she met Paco (her husband) and in January they made two beautiful children (Albert and Flori). I guess she accomplished her purpose on this world. Now I am really worried about Paco, because he was just standing near the inanimated body of Linda and started to sing and pull her feathers. I am going to supervise him these days to make sure he doesn’t go into depression and he can overcome the situation. Even though they were fighting occasionally, I know for sure that they loved each other.

I officially don’t need more pets. The worse thing in this life is to lose someone and don’t understand the reason.

14 thoughts on “Linda — A Gift from Heaven

  1. I’m sorry to hear about Linda! You know, she was lucky that you found each other and was so loved. Don’t give up on having pets – they are such a great source for happiness and sharing love with us. Thinking of you!

    1. Currently I have Linda’s children and husband, a dog and a rabbit. I think I have enough pets in my house for the moment. I don’t need more, but I can start to appreciate more what I have near me. Thank you for your words!

    1. Thank you! She was my first pet, so it has a special significance for me. She was very beautiful, especially because her colors are not so common in this species. 🙂

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