Happy Easter!

easter photography adrian lupsa

I discovered yesterday that some of you are celebrating Easter. Now I can completely understand why, in the last period, I saw so many subject-related posts. This is weird, because it’s one month difference (between the Catholic and Orthodox Easter) and this never happened before. I am so sorry for not coming up with ideas before, but I certainly will, starting from next month, when our Easter is approaching. Until then, I posted a photo that I hope will inspire you to do something new with Easter Eggs. I used black olives and carrots for decoration, but you can use your imagination to create something really original. Feel free to try and experiment as you like and please come back and share your results. And don’t forget: preparing simple food should be fun.

Happy Easter!

8 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. I’m Catholic (Ukrainian) but I also celebrate in May this year. 🙂 Some Eastern European Catholics follow the Julian calendar instead of the one that puts Easter as today. 🙂

    1. I thought that all Catholics celebrate Easter today, so this explains a lot. I’m glad you left this comment and you have explained how the situation actually stands. 🙂

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