Japanese Quince Flower

In case you did not realize, the earlier photo was a Japanese Quince (Chaenomeles japonica) flower bud. I absolutely love this flower since I discovered it growing into someone’s yard.

Japanese Quince - Chaenomeles japonica


5 thoughts on “Japanese Quince Flower

  1. My great-grandmother had Chaenomeles growing round the door. I love the simplicity, and inevitably think straight back to childhood and her home whenever I see it.

    1. This was a small tree that was growing near a fence along the road. I was amazed by the color of the small flowers and I wanted to take some photos. I am really excited about the result. Thank you for your comment! It’s amazing how simple things can bring profound memories.

      1. They have a beautiful growth habit and the dark bark of the shrubs is lovely against the depth of colour in the flowers.
        Yes, it is the simplest things that hold memory 🙂

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