Mint-Scented Carrot Puree

I was really inspired to make this recipe when I saw something similar in a magazine. Of course, the idea of adding mint is my own contribution to this recipe. I love the combination between mint and carrot. Very refreshing and appropriate for this time of year.

Carrot Puree

Ingredients: (for 1 serving)
2 carrots
1 small, unpeeled potato
dried mint (powdered)

How It’s Made?
Step 1: Cut the vegetables in pieces and simmer them until tender.
Step 2: Blender the vegetables. Add salt and dried mint. Serve!
Step 3: To add extra calories (if you are trying to gain weight — like me), just add 1 tablespoon vegetable oil. It will add about 100 kcal to the dish.

Mint Carrot Puree

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