15 Juices for a thousand of problems

Natural Juices

Natural fruit and vegetable juices contain nutrients that are easily absorbed into the body and help in healing different diseases, from stomach affections to immune system disorders.

Carrot Juice strengthens the vision and heals skin eruptions.
Celery Juice is recognized for its power to clean the skin.
Cabbage Juice assists the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and heals ulcers.
Ginger Juice reduces inflammations, relieves arthritis and reduces nausea.
Lemon Juice is excellent for burning fat, aids the liver and detoxifies the body.
Apple Juice prevents constipation, heals the bowels and reduces gallstones.
Radish Juice supports thyroid function.
Grape Juice purifies the blood, prevents herpes and keeps away the viruses.
Kale Juice strengthens bones, because it contains calcium, potassium and vitamin A.
Pomegranate Juice kills intestinal parasites and alleviates gum diseases.
Parsley Juice neutralizes the acidic pH, diminishes the effects of the allergies and treats skin problems.
Pea Juice thins the blood, relieves symptoms of gluten intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome.
Prune Juice combats constipation and helps in healing of liver diseases.
Tomato Juice treats diarrhea and chronic indigestion.
Watermelon Juice is good in treatment of urinary disorders, having diuretic properties.

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