I’m Published in a Food Magazine

A month ago, I submitted three recipes to a well-known (here in Romania) food magazine. Only one of them was accepted and published. I was quite disappointed, because the other ones were rejected. They were good recipes, but maybe a little bit eccentric for some people. (Never mind, I’ll share them with you in the next days.)

Also, they’ve done something with my photo (like using auto tone/auto color option in Photoshop), because the picture is pale and seems unprofessional. If you follow my blog, you know that all my photography looks at least decent. I was happy to see my name in the magazine, but I was disappointed to observe how they’ve edited my recipe and the photo. I wonder if the persons who are working for this magazine are actually qualified for this domain.

Carticica Practica
Food Magazine Cover
(Carticica Practica)

The following message is for the Romanian followers. Buy the magazine from your local newsagent’s shop and see my Indian Potatoes with Garam Masala recipe at page 63. I would really appreciate if you vote for my recipe using the questionnaire at the end of the magazine. You automatically enter in a competition where you can win 50 lei ($15). The last day when you can submit is August, 15th.

17 thoughts on “I’m Published in a Food Magazine

    1. Thank you Randall! I don’t know, yet. The next magazine will be launched in September and there will be announced the winners. I’m not expecting to be on the list, because they’ve ruined my perfect photo and a picture is worth a thousand words. I don’t know how many people voted for my recipe, but I’m glad that I have tried and my name appeared there.

      1. Nice attitude Adrian. Hold on to the magazine for your port-folio. That is when you get your cookbook going and all. Make a button on your blog to display it. I don’t know how things are in Romania…but maybe you should try and get into the culinary arts. Money can be made in that work as well.

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