5 Benefits Of

5 Benefits of Endive

Endive Benefits

1. Cures acne

Endive is used to create endive juice, that had shown helpful effects for treating skin problems. A good idea is to mix endive juice with other natural juices in order to assist the skin through removing acne.

2. Cancer Prevention

Vitamin E is good against prostate cancer, while vitamin A might help avoiding lung as well as oral cavity cancer. The wealth of fiber in endive is quite useful in keeping the colon neat and avoiding colon cancer.

3. Liver and gall bladder

Combine endive along with all of your other favorite juices for the additional cleansing since it successfully encourages the secretion of bile.

4. Weight Loss

The low-calorie content of the endive veggie, allows it to be an important food for those who would like to lose a few pounds.

5. Healthy Bones and Teeth

The high calcium content within endive is vital for constructing and looking after healthy and balanced teeth and bones and also for keeping osteoporosis away.

5 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Endive

    1. Make sure you do a little research on the Internet before cooking it. The core is extremely bitter as I know and it should be avoided because of it. Interesting blog. Looking forward to your posts.

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