Anemone Flower Bulbs

It’s Autumn and the weather started to change a little. Of course, this season has its own benefits. It’s the moment when we harvest grapes and quince, but it’s also the moment when we plant special flowers in our garden. This post is going to be extremely short, because I only wanted to share with you my latest acquisition — Anemone flower bulbs. I already tried to plant some of them last spring, but unfortunately they have died. I hope I’ll be luckier this time.

Anemone Flowers Seeds

2 thoughts on “Anemone Flower Bulbs

  1. I have never tried these from seeds but have planted the bulbs or perhaps they are corms. They die back after flowering then come back when it is time. Perhaps yours will return.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Now I realize that I used the wrong word. I wanted to say bulbs and wrote seeds instead. Just corrected the error. 😀 I tried to plant anemone last year, but they’ve died before flowering. I hope this new package is going to be more productive.

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