Cold and Flu Treatment

As you probably know, I recently re-blogged 10 Ingredients to Keep the Cold Away post. I just wanted to remind you that you should do something before getting a cold. The reason why I was not very active on the blog lately is because I had a cold. Today I’m sharing with you my plan that helped me to get through the situation.

1. Vitamin C & Paracetamol

Paracetamol+Vitamin C
I used the artificial version of vitamin C and paracetamol, because I had them in my house. If you decide to use them please carefully read the drug guide or ask your pharmacist. If you want the natural alternative you can eat oranges, add lemon juice in your tea or eat parsley. To replace paracetamol drink two cups of willow or basil tea per day.

2. Herbal Remedies

Echinacea Tea
Of course I didn’t start to feel very well after taking the first treatment. My situation didn’t seem to improve. I took paracetamol for three days in a row, three times a day. I was afraid that my liver will start having problems because of this medicine, so I returned to the nature. I started to drink Echinacea tea, enhanced with ginger root and cloves, which actually helped me a lot.

3. Onion Tea

Benefits of Onions
The cold symptoms soon disappeared, but I started coughing shortly after that. My remedy for this new problem was a cup of onion tea. It tastes like hell, but it has miraculous properties. I think I’m going to share the recipe with you in one of my future posts.

One thought on “Cold and Flu Treatment

  1. I was wondering what happened to you. I hope you are feeling better? Try adding some cinnamon stick or cloves..maybe that might help with flavor. I never tried onion tea before, so not sure about the suggestion. I have had Cayenne pepper before for cold cure (I will e-mail you the might like it better than onion tea. I never had it, but as you said and I am sure “tastes like hell”).

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    Take care of yourself Adrian.


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