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Onion Tea

As I promised, here is the onion tea recipe, which is good for cold and flu and is also a treatment for cough. I have to warn you again that it doesn’t taste very good, so you have to struggle a little if you want to drink it. I tried to add lemon and honey to improve the taste, but it worsened the situation.

Onion Tea Benefits

1 yellow onion, washed (don’t peel out the external layer)
7 cloves
3 walnuts
500 ml water

How It’s Made?

Step 1: Cut the onion into two or four halves. Insert the cloves inside the onion.
Step 2: Add the ingredients into a container and wait until the water is boiling.
Step 3:ย Allow in to simmer on a low flame for about 10 minutes. Then after boiling let it stand for further 5 more minutes.
Step 4: Filter and serve immediately.
Onion Tea

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18 thoughts on “Onion Tea

  1. How about putting just the lemon peel Adrian, not the juice. The real benefit of the lemon for a cold or flu is in the peel most of Vitamin C is in the peel), as well as orange peels.

    When I make ginger tea, fresh ginger root, cloves and a slice of orange peel or lemon peel; the lemony flavor is light not strong and the orange peel is even better tasting.

    Also letting the orange peel, cloves and ginger set over night in the bottom of your tea pot or tea cup (I use a French Press) in a little of the liquid is great to eat first thing in the morning. Orange peel (it is soft), cloves (soft) and ginger all full of great vitamins and minerals. The clove is great for the digestive lining. Link here for Orange Peel Benefits has 3 recipes as well.

    Sorry I write to much. Great article Adrian. Your hard work, research and experiments not only benefits you..but US your readers as well (for posting them). Thanks as always. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Sorry for replying so late, but your messages are still getting in my spam folder. This is because you have a dynamic IP (which means your IP is changing every time you open your computer, for example) and the spam filter uses the IP to validate the sender. Also, you have more than two links in your comments, which is another mark for the spam filter.

      It seems that the onion ruins all the taste, no matter what. I discovered that the addition of the cloves actually helps a little. Thank you Randall for your suggestions. I’ll keep them in my mind for the next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Yes our Internet service jumps between to places to give us service. I think the reason maybe for the more than one link. Someone told me that before. So from now on I will be sure to just put one link or none.

        Thanks for letting me know. But tell me, do the weekly newsletters I send to your e-mail reach your in-box or also go to spam? Usually when you open a e-mail once and you except it, any other e-mails coming from that address will always go to your in-box.

        Thanks again for letting me know. Hope all is well with you. ๐Ÿ™‚


        1. The newsletter is coming into my Inbox. I use Gmail, so I don’t have any problem. I change the settings as you have suggested. Hope everything is going to be okay starting from now.

      1. Yes, it is not too pleasant, it is more like a medicine :p but yes adding some lemon juice to it, does make it drinkable. In case of cough and cold i also add a couple of holy basil leaves in it.

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