Meringue Ghost Cookies

Meringue Ghost Cookies

Here is another recipe that is perfect for Halloween. These cookies are wonderful and extremely tender. They are perfect for your Halloween party and the good thing is that they are really easy to do.

300g powdered sugar
250g margarine
250g flour
2 eggs
vanilla extract
lemon zest

How It’s Made:
Step 1: Mix the margarine with 150g sugar. When you obtain a cream, add egg yolk, vanilla extract, lemon zest and flour.
Step 2: Lay a thin sheet of 4-5 mm and cut ghostly shapes.
Step 3: Beat the egg whites with the remained sugar (150g) until you obtain a mousse. Coat every cookie with this mousse.
Step 4: Stuff with small candies and cook until golden.

Meringue Ghost Cookies (2)

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