Natural Remedies for ADHD Symptoms

Today I’ve got a special guest (it’s about David Novak, a syndicated newspaper columnist) who came from to discuss with us an interesting subject. Hope you’re going to enjoy it and find this information useful.

ADHD Natural Remedies

Many people who suffer from ADHD are directed towards medicine and treatments that have strong side effects. For those who care for sufferers of this condition, especially parents, natural remedies are preferential to standard medical procedures. Of course such natural remedies, when not properly researched or when applied without proper medical supervision, can prove dangerous. As with the handling of any medical condition, you should always consult a medical professional before undertaking any alternative treatment.

That said, there is a high level of interest in natural remedies for sufferers of ADHD and their caretakers. For some children, many parents have reported that physical activity seems to minimize the symptoms. Activities such as bike ride, or running around, or just general outdoor play seem to have an effect that make it easier for the child to be able to sit and focus on a task without being distracted so easily.

Proof Positive

The high interest in natural remedies has led to research as well. Behavioral researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have delved into the link between environment and the mind of children sufferers of ADHD. With references to the University of Michigan’s Rachel and Stephen Kaplan, they took a focused approach to why nature has such an effect on people who have this condition.

ADHD sufferers tend to have difficulty with what’s termed ‘direct-attention’ or the energy we use to focus on everyday tasks such as housework or driving a car. Essentially their capacity to actively focus themselves on such tasks is smaller and so it goes that maintaining focus is hampered.

One thing parents can do it so assist their children in restocking the supply from using their stores. The way to go about this is to provide your child with physical activity breaks in natural settings outside. Anything from a walk around the block to going to a playground and or playing ball can be effective. It is important to remember that the setting makes all the difference. Relaxed, green surroundings tend to be most effective.

Indoor versus Outdoor Activity

It may appear as though any kind of exercise can be beneficial, and that is true, however studies have shown that there is a dramatic difference between outdoor and indoor activity, as well as urban settings and natural settings. The issue is not just a matter of letting off steam. No improvement has been shown for physical activities indoors; as well urban settings (think concrete and structural settings) tend to have dramatically reduced effectiveness as opposed to natural settings.

The idea behind the results seems to be the impulse that arises when you feel the desire to get some fresh air. Everyone can benefit, including adults, from taking a walk outside in a place with minimal distractions. Most people generally like to take vacations in natural settings because it enables them to restore and recharge their batteries.

Some activities for ADHD sufferers in both warm and cold weather include the following:

● Bike riding
● Sports
● Wandering in the woods or a forest
● Water sports or activities
● Trampoline
● Going to a local park or playground
● Going for a hike in a wooded area
● Bird watching

For the colder months of the year, there are also things one can do to restore direct attention reserves. Some of these are:

● Staring at the fish within a fish tank
● An indoor fountain
● Throwing rocks or pine cones on a frozen lake, or into a stream
● Building a snow fort or having a snowball fight

Not only are these activities beneficial to ADHD sufferers, but also a lot of fun can be achieved for all involved.

David Novak David Novak is a syndicated newspaper columnist, and his byline has appeared in GQ Magazine, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest and USA Today. David is a health, diet, exercise and wellness enthusiast, and frequently writes on a wide array of health topics for various publications, including regular editions appearing in For more of his Healthline articles, visit

3 thoughts on “Natural Remedies for ADHD Symptoms

  1. Thank You for posting this interview! It is so important to get more people understand that drugs is not the only way to deal with this disorder. So many kids now days diagnosed with it and many doctors don’t take a minute to explain the parents about natural solutions.

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