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Nifty Food: Jackfruit

Hey everyone! You’ve probably observed that I haven’t posted in the 5 Benefits Of… column for a while. It has passed about one year since I started to write the benefits of different fruits and vegetables and I was excited to present you this valuable information. I hope I’ve convinced you to try eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, every good thing has to reach an end, too. I decided to stop writing on this subject and bring you more interesting and exciting topics. Hope you’re going to enjoy the changes and now I’ll introduce you the new column, entitled Nifty Food. Every Friday I’ll post an image and a short paragraph representing a strange fruit or vegetable that was created by nature (or by plant geneticists). This is the first post in a row. Enjoy it!


Also known as ‘nangka’ in the Malay language, the extremely heavy fruit can weigh up to 80 pounds. Its flesh is yellowish-orange and is usually fried like banana fritters.

12 thoughts on “Nifty Food: Jackfruit

  1. Interesting fruit.

    So the 5 Benefits of… has ended. 😦
    Are you still keeping the button or is that being retied as well?
    Are you going to make a new button for your Nifty Food posts?

    1. I decided to stop writing on this subject and bring other interesting information. The button is not going anywhere. It will remain there and the posts, too. I’ll probably create a new button for Nifty Food, but this is going to happen starting from February 12th (when I finish with my exams). 😀

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