Refreshing Green Juice

Refreshing Green Juice

Spring is here (or at least this is what the calendar says). It’s the perfect moment to start a detox plan in order to adapt yourself to the changing seasons and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our body accumulates toxins as we are exposed to emotional and physical stress, bad food habits and other similar factors. That’s why is very important to focus our attention to what is happening on the inside of our body.

During this week, I’ll try to share with you recipes and ideas that are appropriate for this time of the year. Remember, it is always prudent to speak with your medical practitioner before starting a detox program.

For today, I have prepared for you a simple and extremely healthy recipe. It’s done in less than 10 minutes and is perfect when you want to flush the toxins out of your body. I recommend drinking it in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast. If you want to find out more about juicing, please read this article about the benefits of juicing.

Green Juice Detox

2 green apples
3 kohlrabi leaves
a bunch of dandelion leaves (or arugula)
2 lettuce leaves

How It’s Made?
Use your favorite juicer to extract the juice, and serve it immediately. You can also store it in the fridge for a few hours (but no more than four hours).

6 thoughts on “Refreshing Green Juice

    1. You already know the juicing benefits. It’s your post after all. 😛 Kohlrabi (or German turnip or turnip cabbage) is a vegetable that has a taste between a radish and a cabbage. It’s quite popular in my country and the root is used in soups and salads. Usually, most people throw away the leaves, which are so healthy and useful.

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