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Experiment of the Day: Spring Onion

Spring Onion Experiment

Three days ago I started a little experiment. After adding spring onion into my salad, I decided to save the white part with small roots and keep it in a small water-filled pot. Surprisingly, green parts have begun growing since then and if everything goes well, I’ll be eating spring onion in a few weeks. If the experiment proves to be a success, then I’ll have free spring onions and this might be a great idea to save money.

13 thoughts on “Experiment of the Day: Spring Onion

  1. You can do this with a few other vegetables as well. Even fresh ginger root will sprout for you. I leave mine in a jar with a stick of cinnamon (as it is anti-bacterial, the fungus grows on the stick and not the ginger root). I use the root to make fresh ginger tea. One time I had not made it for awhile and the root had sprouted new roots and some starts of green vegetation.

    1. I know that. You can practically use that on almost any root. I peel and dice ginger and then keep it in the freezer. In this way I preserve it very well and have it for a whole year.

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