Necessary Evil – Upcoming New Edition

Hey everyone!
Hope this finds you well. I’ve been busy lately and didn’t have much time to post on the blog. I’ve also got a cold (even though I’ve tried to protect myself in so many ways) and my head is numb and I find it really difficult to concentrate, but here I am, writing a new post. I know that a few months ago I decided to stop writing about books on this blog, but I couldn’t stop sharing the news with you. As you probably know (or not) I have written a young-adult paranormal novel entitled “Necessary Evil“.

debut novel necessary evil

It has passed more than one year since then and I received good feedback from my readers. I also received a few low ratings, but that’s perfectly normal and some of the reviews were really constructive. During this year I’ve learnt a lot of new things and I want to believe that my writing style has improved. That’s why after almost one year of pause I decided to reread my manuscript and work on the second edition of the novel.

I’ve planned to publish it at the end of this month (which means today), but due to my busy schedule I didn’t manage to finish the changes. If you already own a copy on your Kindle, then you don’t have to worry. You will receive for FREE the updated book when it will be ready. Depending on your Kindle Settings the updates will be performed automatically or you will receive an e-mail to update the content.

This update will:

  1. correct major grammar errors
  2. make the content more readable and enjoyable
  3. not change the story

To make yourself an idea about the changes, see the following example:
Old: The teacher interrupted them and in that moment the whole class was staring at them.
New: Mr Harris had stopped presenting his lesson and interrupted them. The whole class seemed to be staring.

That’s all I had to say for today. I’m going to sleep, because I’m extremely tired. Good night!

3 thoughts on “Necessary Evil – Upcoming New Edition

      1. Yay! Really glad to hear that!! >:D< I am fighting with a light cough syndrome but I think that I am keeping it in the first stage. Need to destroy its sneaky intentions quickly!

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