Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Today I want to invite you to see some recommendations for Christmas that can be great as a gift for yourself, your family or friends.


Revive Christmas memories with a jar full of spices. Combine desiccated orange peel, a few cloves, anise star, cinnamon and red peppercorns in a jar and you have a nice gift for your close friends.

Christmas Spices Jar

Another great gift idea is represented by perfumed candles. You can’t go wrong with vanilla, apple, cinnamon or lavender scents.

Christmas Perfumed Candles

Books are awesome as they come in various genres, so it’s not possible to find something that doesn’t match your friend’s preferences.

Cooking Books Gift

Everybody likes to drink a cup of tea or hot chocolate in the cold days of winter, so another great idea is a Christmas mug or a special tea infuser.

Mug Tea and Tea Infusers Christmas Gift

Everything that is sweet and good is perfect for Christmas. You can’t go wrong with chocolate or butter cookies.

Butter Cookies and Chocolate

Trail mixes are such amazing and healthy snacks. Give a jar with dried goji berry fruits, toasted peanuts and salty popcorn.

Trail Mix Present

This basket of fresh fruits is a wonderful choice for a Christmas visit and goes well with a glass of your favorite wine.

Fresh Fruits Basket

These were my gift recommendations for Christmas and I hope you will find them useful. I’m pretty sure everything you decide to buy for your family or friends will be great and there are so many things to choose from. Until next time, I wish you a Merry Christmas!

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