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Back to School: Lunch Box

It’s back to school time, so what can be more appropriate than a lunch box idea. There are so many things you can play with when creating a lunch box, and you have different possibilities of combining a lot of ingredients.

Back to school Lunch box for Kids

I had this nice box for kids and because I really wanted to use it, I adapted my recipes to be on the same wavelength with the occasion (a lunchbox for kids, of course).

Rolled crepes are a great option for a lunch box and I like them because they are so versatile. They can be sweet or salty or spicy, depending on the filling ingredients. I used rose petal jam, but apricot, raspberry, cherry or other kind of jam will work too. Just use your favorite. For a salty version you can play with some cream cheese and cooked mushrooms.

Lunch box inspiration

Fresh fruits are a must into a lunch box. I chose apples, but you can use your favorite fruit or make different combinations (banana-blueberries, pineapple-cherries, raspberry-peaches).

Dried fruits are also a wonderful idea for a snack and you have a great variety to choose from. I used raisins, but dried cranberries, plums, apricots, dates will work too.

Back to school lunchbox idea

I know it’s not a very complex lunch box, but this is the main point: you can prepare something delicious in no time. Have you ever made a lunch box? What food did you put inside?

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