5 Benefits Of

I’VE GOT GOOD NEWS for all of you. I decided to have a new column on my blog called “5 Benefits Of…” where on every Friday I’m going to choose a vegetable or fruit and discuss about its benefits for our health.

If you want to help me  spread the word you can use the following images on your blog:

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Copy the following code:
<a href="https://adrianlupsa.wordpress.com/?ref=benefits"><img src="https://adrianlupsa.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/banner_336x280.jpg" alt="adrianlupsa.wordpress.com"></a>
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<a href="https://adrianlupsa.wordpress.com/?ref=benefits-small"><img src="https://adrianlupsa.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/small_banner_336x280.jpg" alt="adrianlupsa.wordpress.com"></a>

DISCLAIMER! The 5 Benefits Of… column doesn’t contain my personal photos or information. The aim is to inform the public and it has an educational purpose, so no copyright infringement is intended. If you own this information and want it removed, please contact me.

17 thoughts on “5 Benefits Of

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  2. Hey Adrian,

    Thanks for viewing my blog at savorthefood.wordpress.com . I came to check yours out. This is amazing what you have here. I like this idea of each Friday you post the 5 benefits of fruits and vegetables. I would like to put the small banner on my blog site. Also I would like to invite you to sign up to follow my blog, it’s FREE.

    Look forward to your future post’s Adrian Great ideas here!! :)

    Chef Randall

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  5. Hey Adrian what happened last Friday January 4th? No post about 5 Benefits Of…
    One of many reasons I look forward to Fridays is your posts about 5 Benefits Of…

    Chef Randall

    • I apologized in an older post. Unfortunately, school eats all my time and I had a lot of projects to do. Also I had to prepare everything for the virtual book tour that started on January 7th,2013. Today, I’ll try to publish something.

      • I’ve just come across this, ten months late, how did your virtual book tour go – and how did you organize it? How did you promote a virtual book? I hope it was a great success for you!

        • I’ve contacted some bloggers and book reviewers to help me with the book tour. I did interviews and guest posts and it was a good start. Now I’m working for the second edition of the book, because there’s always place for improvements.

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  8. Thanks for visiting me and for the follow ! I thought I’d see what you’re up to and am pleasantly surprised ! You have a great blog. I really like “5 Benefits Of….” and I look forward to browsing more of your posts.

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