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Last-Minute Christmas Decorations

Here are some last-minute Christmas decorating ideas. All you need is a few household items and a little time (probably less than an hour). Learn how to make these wonderful yarn hats to decorate your house in a unique way or how to wrap the perfect Christmas present. Enjoy! How to Make Little Christmas Hats?… Continue reading Last-Minute Christmas Decorations

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Experiment of the Day: Spring Onion

Three days ago I started a little experiment. After adding spring onion into my salad, I decided to save the white part with small roots and keep it in a small water-filled pot. Surprisingly, green parts have begun growing since then and if everything goes well, I’ll be eating spring onion in a few weeks.… Continue reading Experiment of the Day: Spring Onion


How To Prevent Yahoo! Malware Attacks

I know this post has nothing to do with the topics on this blog, but it might be useful and interesting for the Yahoo! Mail users. You’ve probably read that thousand of computers were affected recently by a malware attack. According to the FOX-IT blog, clients visiting received advertisements served by Some of… Continue reading How To Prevent Yahoo! Malware Attacks


3 Tips for Freezing Homemade Meals

According to the USDA food-safety experts, freezing at or below 0°F “keeps food safe indefinitely,” but preserving the quality of your frozen food takes a little know-how. 1. Cool It Let food cool completely before freezing. If you freeze it when it’s warm, it produces excess moisture; the moisture freezes and turns into ice. Plus,… Continue reading 3 Tips for Freezing Homemade Meals