Hulled Barley with Carrots and Dill

Barley is a wonderful grain that is totally underestimated nowadays. It has a chewy texture and it can be used in a various number of ways, from salads to soups. There are two types of barley: hulled and pearled barley. Hulled barley is the most nutritious of the two, containing lots of fiber, selenium, manganese… Continue reading Hulled Barley with Carrots and Dill

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Roasted Beet Cream with Garlic

The penultimate day of recipe recommendations for a detox plan is here. We continue with a simple and classical roasted beet cream, flavored with dill and garlic. As I have mentioned before (in previous posts) beet is a good agent to help liver detoxification. The fiber present in beets is effective for the absorption of heavy… Continue reading Roasted Beet Cream with Garlic

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Lentils and Mushrooms Warm Salad

This warm salad is amazing during colder times and it’s easy to make and goes well into a detox plan. Lentils are one of the easiest legumes to digest and have been shown to reduce belly fat, while mushrooms, reduce blood pressure and boost the immune system. Ingredients: 200 g champignon mushrooms 150 g lentils… Continue reading Lentils and Mushrooms Warm Salad

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Crimson Cleanse Juice

This nutrient crimson juice is full of agents that aid in detoxification, while providing enough energy. Beets are blood and liver cleaners, very powerful anti-inflammatory veggies that are rich in iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium and folic acid. If you have oxalate-containing kidney stones or have had them, do not drink juices with beets as they… Continue reading Crimson Cleanse Juice