How to help digestion: Best tea for digestive problems (Video)

You’ve probably eaten a lot on Christmas Day or maybe you won’t be able to control your food cravings on the New Year’s Eve and this habit will definitely affect your digestive health. You can help digestion with a very simple and effective digestive tea and you need only three herbal ingredients. For the recipe, I invite you to watch the following video.

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Halloween Banana Ghosts (Video)

Are you looking for last-minute Halloween food ideas? Stop looking, because you are in the right place. Here is a healthy food idea great for kids and you will only need three ingredients. Make sure you check the video at the end of the post. I’m really excited about it, because it’s my first project… Continue reading Halloween Banana Ghosts (Video)


Supercharge Your Diet With Spirulina

Hello everyone! I’ve returned from a long period of break. I was busy with school and work, but now I’m ready to come back into the business. Today I’m presenting you an awesome ingredient, perfect to add into almost any dish. Spirulina is a blue-green microalgae that grows in freshwater lakes and ponds. It is… Continue reading Supercharge Your Diet With Spirulina


American Heart Month: Broccoli, tuna and bean salad

Hello everyone! February is American Heart Month and that’s why this post is focused on learning about the risk factors for heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Your genes, race and ethnicity affect your risk factors for heart disease and you can’t control those. However, there are many things you can do to lessen… Continue reading American Heart Month: Broccoli, tuna and bean salad


The Ultimate Guide to Nuts

Hello everyone!Wednesday, 22 October marks Nut Day (developed by Liberation Foods) and it’s a perfect ocassion to go nutty, spread the word about the delicious taste and numerous health benefits associated with nuts. To celebrate this glorious day I’ve prepared for you a wonderful infographic about nuts. Also, don’t forget to check my recipes with… Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Nuts